Next Generation Energy Management for Network Infrastructures

Efficient. Reliable. Automated.

Tweak Your Energy Network Performance

With our solutions your energy infrastructure becomes more reliable, easier to maintain, and more cost-efficient. Our proprietary technology reduces battery capacity loss. Downtime is minimized since the batteries last longer and discharge more effectively. In addition, real-time monitoring provides full visibility of your sites and offers automation capabilities.

Tailored Energy Network Optimization

Network power architectures can vary greatly. To offer advanced site optimization that is a perfect fit for your infrastructure our services build up on one another. Discover how you will benefit from upgrading, monitoring or even automating your power infrastructure.


With an upgraded energy management and backup system, your sites are prepared for the increasing energy demand. Our proven Crystal Control Technology® dramatically slows down capacity loss in lead-acid batteries. Their useful life can be doubled, they charge more efficiently and are less sensitive to temperature. The result is more uptime at greatly reduced operating and replacement costs and a lower churn rate. The solution is vendor agnostic and easy to install on any VRLA lead-acid battery system. By means of our monitoring system you can even measure the improvements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Most network sites are islands of stranded information. Real-time monitoring connects the individual sites to form a unified system. It gives you detailed visibility of your entire network and provides advanced battery analytics. The system measures power outages, battery voltage, current, and ambient temperature at the batteries. You can see when and how many hours the backup is running every day and size it accordingly to prevent downtime.


Tweak energy efficiency and uptime by automating your network infrastructure. The intelligent system learns from site analyses and correlations to constantly optimize site performance. It is capable of autonomously controlling functions like free air cooling, air conditioning and generator runtime to maximize efficiency. In addition, predictive maintenance enables considerable savings in service plans. Future scenarios can be forecast with precision in order to actively prevent failure.

Unique Solutions, Unique Results.

Reliable solutions owe their strength to a scientific backbone. Crystal Control Technology® as well as our Battery Monitoring System are proprietary developments. Are you curious about the science behind these solutions?

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Skip the Initial Investment

We don’t sell products, we create solutions that actually save you money. They are tailored to your specific network infrastructure and form the basis of your payment. This way, you enjoy all the benefits without an initial investment.

Our technologies open up significant savings potential. Mission critical and off-grid sites benefit tremendously by how they cut fuel, energy, cooling, battery, and maintenance cost. Find out what your savings potential is!

Save up to..


Of all battery and battery related costs


Of fuel for supporting generators


Of the energy consumption for battery charging


On HVAC for batteries

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