Crystal Control Technology®

Rethinking Battery Energy Efficiency

Our patented technology was born from the desire to minimize waste and battery costs. It optimizes the renewal processes inside lead-acid batteries and can double battery life, triple their overall capacity and protect them against detrimental operating conditions.

Improved Battery Performance

Doubled Battery Life Span

Crystal Control Technology® can double the useful life of a battery. It increases backup reliability and reduces battery cost by 50 %. Even worn batteries benefit from the life cycle extension and show drastically reduced aging rates.

Improved Capacity Retention

Even after repeated charge cycles, treated batteries have 340% more capacity over their lifespan than untreated batteries. Already weak batteries show restored performance by reaching higher voltages and discharging more slowly than before.

Protects On-Site Equipment

Electronics and computer-operated equipment experience less stress caused by power fluctuations, since Crystal Control Technology® keeps battery voltage higher and more stable. This reduces replacement costs for on-site equipment.

Optimized Battery Charging

Batteries typically charge 14% faster and require < 20 % less charge current. This increases the energy efficiency of the site. It also helps to improve the charge status and thereby the performance of the batteries.

Operation & Maintenance Benefits

Treated batteries require less maintenance. Their mechanical stability and tolerance to vibrations is improved. And they are better protected against deep discharge and undercharge.

Voltage Balancing Effect

The technology harmonizes the discharge behavior of the individual cells in a battery string. This results in a more stable power supply and improved protection against the negative effects of charge imbalance on the batteries.

Less Sensitive To Temperature Variation

Crystal Control Technology protects batteries from extreme heat or cold and thereby eliminates major factors for premature aging and failure. Treated batteries show functionality benefits in testing from -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C).

Reduced C02 Emissions

Longer lasting batteries cause less waste and greenhouse gases. CO2 emissions caused by battery recycling and new battery production are reduced by 67 % in addition to fewer emissions from service vehicles, spare parts logistics.

How Crystal Control Technology® Works

Crystal Control Technology® manipulates the crystallization process in lead acid batteries, which is responsible for capacity loss. When the battery is charged, it applies especially modulated overvoltage pulses to the electrodes. The additional energy increases the ion movement in the electrolyte with three beneficial effects:

Lead sulphate crystals more effectively dissolved, increasing battery life span.

Lead dioxide forms a more even coating on the positive electrode, increasing battery capacity.

Batteries charge more efficiently

At the positive electrode, lead dioxide crystals form heaps that reduce the reaction site

Lead sulphate crystals are not effectively dissolved and form a physical barrier on the negative electrode

An even lead dioxide coating on the positive electrode renews the reaction site

The increased ion movement effectively rids the negative electrode of lead sulphate crystals

Meet the BEAT©

Crystal Control Technology® is applied to the batteries by means of BEAT©. The device is light-weight, hand-sized, and absolutely vendor agnostic. It can easily be attached to the battery nodes by means of flexible connecting cables and fits in with any type of lead acid battery technology.


Battery life cycle extension


BEAT© units in the field


countries—BEAT© is employed on 5 continents.

Independent Research Institutes Verify the
Effectiveness of Crystal Control Technology®

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Battery Backup

Find out more about how easily Crystal Control Technology® can be employed and how you can combine it with active battery monitoring to tweak site performance even more.

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