Real-time Monitoring

On Battery, Site and Network Level

Complete Visibility

Real-time monitoring connects individual sites to form a unified system. It gives you detailed visibility of your entire network. Advanced analytics enable you to optimize the setup, maintenance, and performance . The system measures a multitude of performance and ambient parameters including:

• Power outages

• Site loads

• Battery voltage and current

• Generator health and fuel levels

• Ambient temperature at the batteries

• HVAC operation

• DC rectifier and AC inverter plant operation

• Solar and wind energy sources


Infrastructure Optimization

Does your energy infrastructure cater to the actual demand? Our Site Management System shows why, how often, for how long sites rely on backup energy. This serves to identify areas that require improvement. Backup capacity can be upscaled according to need. And you can optimize the settings of hardware like HVAC or battery charging—all based on scientific data.

Predictive Maintenance

Service routines are the biggest cost factors for remotely located sites. Centralized monitoring changes that. Arbitrary service schedules can be transformed into targeted maintenance. The system alerts you to capacity loss and service needs in time to prevent failure. Costs and downtime are minimized.


Define and measure solid KPI’s through real-time monitoring. It provides detailed visibility at all times. You measure developments while they are happening, instead of drawing conclusions from churn rates and costs. This enables you to solve performance issues, before they grow into problems.

Product Warranty Control

Collect solid data to backup warranty claims against faulty assets. The system reports in real-time on equipment conditions. Custom alarms remind you when warranties are about to expire. This allows you to make a final hardware check and take opportunity of replacement warranties. Many of these tests can be performed remotely.

Detailed Insight into Site Operations

Battery Runtime

Find out how long the backup batteries run every day and how much backup time they can provide. By means of remote discharge tests we optimize replacements.


Track site visits to check whether service schedules are kept. You can see which tasks the field team completed and measure preventive maintenance compliance.

Ambient Temperature

The system measures the temperature at the batteries. HVAC can be used more cost-efficiently. In addition, Crystal Control Technology® protects the batteries against extreme heat or cold.

Generator Runtime

How many hours a day does the site run on expensive fuel? You gain valuable insights to make your system operate more efficiently.

Battery Capacity

Current and voltage history are important indicators for battery health. Detect which batteries in a string are weak and need replacement.

Power Outages

Get insights on how often, when, and for how long the electric grid typically fails. Optimize replacements or size your backup accordingly—or have us do that for you.

Deployment Benefits


Find out which sites are operating outside of established standards and improve configuration compliance to 100% across your entire network.


If your deployment starts small and grows big, our solutions grow with it. They address an infinite number of sites.


Our vendor-agnostic solutions provide visibility of all of your site equipment, whether inherently intelligent or not.

Benefit without an Initial Investment

We don’t sell products, we create solutions that generate savings. They form the basis of your payment. This way, you enjoy all the benefits of our real-time monitoring solution without any adoption cost.
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