Share issue, then preparation for stock market listing

Chief Financial Officer
Silas Poel

Strong growth demands financing. WaveTech is currently raising US$ 35 million through a share issue among investors in the United States and Europe. This investment is an important step towards a stock market listing, which will probably take place in just over eighteen months’ time, says company CFO Silas Poel.

He confirms that there is broad interest in the company, its technology and its plans. Some of the investors they are in discussions with come from finance. Others have a background in the energy or telecoms and data sectors, or have a specifically industrial profile.

Interest is also coming from operators with expertise and experience in the energy sector, Poel points out.

One of the aspects that unites all these investors is the focus on sustainability. WaveTech’s technology satisfies a number of UN goals: Clean, cost-effective energy, employment, job creation and economic growth, industrial innovation and infrastructure development, responsible consumption and production, initiatives that are positive for the environment, and climate-positive partnerships are some of the areas that correlate with WaveTech’s offering.

“We’re seeing it at every investor meeting and presentation: Sustainability and the green shift are the foundation for any long-term investment,” Poel says.

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