Site Monitoring System

Real-time visibility for your entire network

All too often network sites are islands of stranded information. With our Site Monitoring System, you can finally connect individual sites into a unified system. In real-time, the system measures important parameters and alerts you to performance issues. You gain detailed visibility, advanced site analytics and predictive maintenance.

The Site Monitoring System Provides Scientific Data on Site Operations

Battery Capacity

Current and voltage are important indicators for battery health and how far aging has already progressed. Detect which batteries within a string are weak and need replacement.

Battery Runtime

Find out how long the backup batteries run every day and how much backup time they can provide. By means of remote discharge tests we also help you plan an optimized replacement strategy.

Power Outages

Get real insights on how often, when and for how long the electric grid typically fails and size your backup accordingly—or have us do that for you.

Ambient Temperature

Measure the temperature at the batteries to automatically optimize HVAC for site performance, cost-effectiveness and service life.

Generator Runtime

The Site Monitoring System gives valuable insights and automated control to increase uptime and energy efficiency.

Maintenance Tracking

Track site visits to check whether service schedules are kept. You can see which tasks the field team completed and measure preventive maintenance compliance.

Advanced Site Optimization


Robust real-time data help to identify the backup demand of each site and make targeted improvements.

Remote Testing

Remote functions reduce cost, since discharge behavior and battery capacity can be measured from your desk.

Predictive Maintenance

Costly service routines turn into targeted maintenance. Replacements are based on actual performance instead of arbitrary schedules.


Uptime is increased as the system detects battery and equipment failure in advance.

How Our Site Monitoring System Works

On Site

WaveTech’s proprietary solution capitalizes on the wealth of energy-related data available. It utilizes existing hardware or easily installed sensor units to measure the desired parameters. A secure internet connection ensures data privacy during transmission to a central hub where the software accumulates and analyzes the information.

From Your Desk

You control the system through a customizable dashboard. Monitor the performance of your whole network or individual sites in real-time. Use advanced site analytics to follow trends and historic developments. And receive alerts when the system forecasts a problem.

Your Hosting Options


Enjoy secure access to your dashboard from anywhere while we maintain and update your service.

On Premises

Keep data on your own network to comply with corporate data security policies.

Real-Time Insights Into Site-Critical
Power Systems

Find out more about how active battery and site monitoring will improve your service reliability—especially in combination with our patented Crystal Control Technology®. Contact our sales team for more information.

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