Upgrade Your Energy Infrastructure

More Reliability, Less Cost

Optimized Performance

We upgrade your network energy infrastructure to meet demands, today and in the future. Improperly sized backup capacity stands in the way of smooth operations. It impacts service quality. And the respective sites incur up to 5 times more maintenance cost. Our solutions deliver more uptime whilst reducing operating expense. And you can measure the improvements with precision.

Enhanced Battery Capacity

Batteries are the Achilles’ heel of backup systems. Detrimental operating conditions lead to high replacement rates and compromised reliability. Crystal Control Technology® solves these problems. It doubles the battery useful life and triples the lifetime deliverable energy.

The solution is vendor agnostic and easy to install on any VRLA battery system. It increases resilience against:

• Extreme temperatures

• Undercharge and deep discharge

• Mechanical vibrations

• Other harmful factors


Useful life of batteries


Battery life cycle capacity

Backup Sizing

Tailor backup capacity to the actual demand. Many transmission towers, utilities, and data centers rely on backups designed for their initial operations. In the meantime, the power demand may have greatly increased. Our Site Management System delivers scientific data on how much capacity is required. And it helps monitor improvements achieved through Crystal Control Technology® that even surpass manufacturer specifications.

Benefit without an Initial Investment

We don’t sell products, we create solutions. They are tailored to your power infrastructure and minimize operating costs. These savings form the basis of your payment. You enjoy all the advantages without adoption cost or increased operating expenses.
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